Wednesday, 21 October 2020

What is Mantis Funding Cash Advance? Let’s Decode This Today!

Before going into any depth of understanding this financing option, we would like to ask you a couple of questions: 

  1. Are you an SME owner? 
  2. Did you approach a traditional channel? 
  3. Were you let down by their ignorant nature? 
  4. Did they make you do rounds for a month before claiming that you have a low CEBIL score? 
  5. Most importantly, do you aspire to change the dynamics of your business? 

If your answer to the first four questions is yes and there is a fire in your belly then, 
Mantis Funding Cash Advance is the best financial solution you will get to accomplish your dreams.  

The rise of alt-funding firms has changed the financing atmosphere. The monopoly is about to end, and, if predictions are to be believed, alt-fin firms will rule the upcoming decade. However, the question here is, why and how?  


With an option like Mantis Funding Cash Advance, alt-fin firms have targeted the most crucial aspect of funding. Besides, they have worked to smoothen the painful area of the consumers. On the one hand, people wanted fast cash, easy but flexible repayment, and less hassle. On the other hand, traditional channels were rigid regarding their terms and conditions. Moreover, the repayment structure was a done to death idea of going through the EMI system. 


However, with the advent of innovative funding options, the landscape changed in favor of the consumer. Small and medium scale businesses who mostly derive their revenue through card swipes were made to repay the way they wanted. Yes, you guessed it right! The repayment takes place on the overall sales or the future sales of swiped cards. Apart from that, the repayment schemes are made flexible to lessen the burden on the owner. A business owner can opt as to how he wants to pay the funding partner. Be it daily, weekly, or monthly, it’s the applicant’s choice!  


Moreover, the funds were provided well in advance, as the name suggests. Hence, the small and medium enterprise owner does not have to wait for months to grow or upgrade. Still, to gain this funding, all you have to do is to maintain your track record and social behavior. Factors like past transactions, fluctuations in revenue, behavior on social media, and your customer feedback, etc., will play a pivotal role in determining whether you will get funding or not. Further, their application process is hassle-free. Away from the heavy documentation, their system, backed with AI/ML, provide a way out in a few step process. In case you feel you are unable to fill the form, you can also contact them on their toll-free number. 


Besides, if you feel that there is an issue with the offer or you seek clarity over the repayment structure of your deal, you can raise your query on to their Mantis Funding Complaints team. The people handling this platform are professionals trained to enhance their user experience. Moreover, people are very patient listeners and will understand your problem to help you out.

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Planning a Business? Here are a Few Options that Can Allow You Easy Access to Funding

Dreams are important, and they define us! A human without dreams is like an empty bottle. Why do we work? Why do we fall and get up? Why do we keep persisting until we have done something substantial? Of course, all this is because of our dreams. And, when you dream of having a business, you know that you need substantial help from a trusted channel. 

Moreover, there should be no one who can say that you cannot achieve it because they are not liable to help you just because your credit score or collateral is not up to their standards. 

Nevertheless, if there are hindrances, there are ways to conquer your target. It is up to the person to choose between the two. With a trusted funding option like that of Mantis Funding Cash Advance, we can work to achieve our business goals. All it will take, along with essential funding, is our hard work, determination, and undeniable urge to back down. 


Although every business option is a viable option if implemented properly. Still, here are a few prospects that many in the industry believe that can help you seek both growth and funding:  




The adulation for nightclubs will only increase with time. If you are someone who loves being in the company of people who are gregarious and passionate about the nightlife, then it is perfect for you to ply your trade in this field. Moreover, if you have strong PR, you can also work around to arrange concerts and shows from celebrity DJs, musicians, and other EDM stars for a better gentry. 




Cars are always in fashion. People with an obsession with cars are always looking for options that can help them satisfy their love for it. Perhaps, using Mantis Funding Cash Advance for owning an automobile with an outstanding store can help you gain elite clients and better revenues to match your needs.  




Logistics is another important aspect of our daily lives. People will migrate in search of a better living, shopkeepers will need products for better inventory, there will be constant shuttling of products manufactured by MNCs, and there will be much more to help your clause. Your shipping fleets can turn out to be a blessing in disguise for a troubled businessman. 


As per Mantis Funding Complaints, trucking business owners are the most frequent applicants to seek funding to improve their service with better equipment, tires, and sometimes, a possibility of expansion.  


Retail Stores


Irrespective of irregularities, this is one prospect that will never go out of business. Moreover, the retail store is the second to trucking in terms of application. Given the fact that people will need their day-to-day products regularly increases the likelihood of a better future.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Alternative Funding: Reasons why alt-financiers and your business makes a perfect match

The landscape of the finance industry is changing. There was a time when a small or medium cap businessmen had to bear with the tantrums of traditional funders. However, due to their tight purse strings, which opened far too less and infrequently for those with great credit scores, gave way for alt-financiers like Mantis Funding who understood the problems of SMEs.

Further, the alt-financiers take note of the fact that SMEs are time-sensitive and need immediate funds to run their business smoothly. This is also a reason why opting for alternative financer makes more sense instead of a traditional one.

Apart from that, there are more services provided by companies such as Mantis Funding making them a smarter and better option for a businessman to opt for over a traditional funder. Nevertheless, to clear the air, here are a few reasons why this is the right decision for a business:

They know the needs are time-sensitive

Time is money and money is business! As a businessman, one cannot afford to blindsight themselves to an idea or opportunity. These growth opportunities do not present themselves twice. Hence, a businessman needs to be aware of the tiniest possibility which could, possibly, a way to capture the market; however, for that funds are needed.

And, what if the funds are needed urgently? Traditional financiers won’t approve the request that fast; so where to go? In such a case alt-financing firms like Mantis Funding help in disbursing funds that too within two days. If there is more urgency, they consider it a special case and can fast track the application approval to 4 hours! Indeed they do. Thus, preventing the pain of getting caught in the waiting section.

Prevents the SMEs from the brutal loop of toxic debt

The last thing for SME to worry about is their credit score. The credit score is a roadblock in the way of SMEs to expand and grow. The worst part is that this credit score is the basis for receiving any kind of funding from the banks. Thus, the pressure to maintain a good credit score takes a toll on the growth and creates a brutal loop of toxic debt around future growth.

Nevertheless, the presence of alternative financing firms like Mantis Funding has saved many SMEs across the country from this loop. The best thing about these firms is that they review a businessman’s application for funds without needing their credit score!

Fast and efficient documentation

There is no hiding the fact that documentation with traditional banks is long and arduous. The wait seems like an eternity and documentation endless. And opportunities don’t see all this, they come in a flash, a businessman needs to pounce on it like a predator to turn the market on its head.

However, the documentation of traditional funders doesn’t provide space for such arrangements and no one wants to lose these chances. So what should they do? This is where alt-financing firms come into the scene. They value the time of their client. For example, firms like Mantis Funding reviews funding applications quickly, and their documentation process is super-fast.

From being the last option to a primary choice, alt-funding has traveled a long way. Further, it is becoming a safe and reliable option for many businesses to grow and expand.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Feeding Your Small Business With The Best Funding!

Good funding is one of the best foods that your business needs to grow and expand. So you can easily imagine what can happen to your business if it lacks its food for any reason. No wonder, when you start a business, you put in all your savings and funds received from investors.

But as soon as it starts operating, managing everyday expenses becomes challenging. Since there is a great need for maintaining stocks, keeping equipment and other machinery up-to-date, managing payrolls, purchasing raw materials, etc., a lack of access to funds may result in adverse results.

Unfortunately in most of the cases, small and medium scale business owners’ funding requests are not entertained by traditional funding institutions like banks just because of unestablished business, lack of assets, and no credit history.

However with non-bank funding options like a Mantis Funding Cash Advance now every entrepreneur can follow his/her dream without any fear of lack of funds! Yes, a cash advance is a funding option offered by leading alternative financing companies that let you cope with your immediate as well as long-term expenses on the basis of your future earnings.

Believe me, it’s really as easy as it sounds. This is one of the best funding options for businessmen who have been disappointed by the banks and other traditional sources primarily due to a lack of collateral and low credit scores.

If you do not know much about alternative financing, you’ll be glad to know that a Mantis Funding Cash Advance is granted to small and medium scale businessmen on the basis of their business model, revenue stream, transactional data, expense pattern, and other important details instead of traditional methods of credit scores and collateral.

So, if you have been operating a business successfully for at least 3-4 months you are well eligible for applying for a cash advance from Mantis Funding. Moreover, while you are in the process of applying or waiting for approval after application, you are free to voice your Mantis Funding Complaints to the team of experts.

The experienced and professional team of experts ensures that all the received Mantis Funding Complaints are resolved at the earliest. The prime motive of renowned alternative lending companies like Mantis Funding is nothing but customer satisfaction. That is why, whenever you have an iota of doubt or any questions in your mind, you can clear it instantly without any trouble.

Believe it or not, access to capital has never been easier than that. No matter what scale of your business is, or how long it has been operating, just if you have the right intentions and a great business plan, you can easily find a financing partner for your business at Mantis Funding.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

It’s Time to Choose Business-Friendly Funding over Traditional Funding!

A steady inflow of cash is one of the most important factors in the growth and expansion of any business. If you are a small or medium scale business owner, you must be quite aware of the challenges of applying to traditional funding institutions like the banks. Since financing through traditional ways has become extremely difficult and time taking, alternative modes of funding have come up as a better option.

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Unlike banks, that offer deals only after verifying your credit history and collateral, alternative funding companies such as a Mantis Funding provide a lump sum amount of cash by going the extra mile. In most of the cases, alt-lending companies do not depend just on collateral or credit scored to judge your creditworthiness.

They rather utilize fin-tech for the assessment of your revenue stream, transaction behavior, expenditure patterns, etc. and ensure every business owner is provided with the necessary amount of Mantis Funding Cash Advance at the earliest possible time.

The biggest problem with small scale business owners is that traditional lenders are never in favor of funding them on the base that they do not have a credit history or enough assets to put forward as collateral. However, non-bank lenders look at each application from a different perspective and are willing to fund even those businesses that have been operating for more than three months in the market successfully.

Furthermore, as the procedure for application is extremely easy and super fast, you will barely find any Mantis Funding Complaints on the internet. Customers are mostly satisfied with such alternative financing companies because they neither take ages to approve applications nor charge sky-high rates on the funds offered. This clearly helps them expand or grow their business smoothly like never before.

However, the only factor that you must keep in your mind while applying is that you can utilize Mantis Funding Cash Advance only for business purpose and not for your personal use. In fact, as soon as the funds are wired into your business account, there is no intervention from the company on how much or in what manner you wish to spend money.

As long as you are utilizing the funds for the growth and development of your business, there will be no objection from the company. That is why, while applying, you need to provide all the details of your business, the amount your seeking from the lender, as well as your plans on how you are going to use that money.

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It could be anything like buying equipment, repairing of existing machinery, issuing salaries to the employees, meeting cash flow gaps, stocking up of inventory prior to a peak season, etc.

If you wish to have a good experience in the alternative financing industry, it is a must to consider the company’s reputation before finalizing any deal. Reliable and renowned companies usually have a team of professionals that deal with grievances and doubts of the customers. For example, the Mantis Funding Complaints are acknowledged and resolved within hours so that no customer faces a negative experience.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

5 reasons alternative financing is the best funding solution for new businesses

Getting business funding is hard, even for healthy, well-established organizations – Most banks need at least 2 years of transaction records to prove sustained profitability, 650+ business or personal credit scores or sometimes collateral to even consider the application.

Imagine how much more difficult this becomes if you are a new business with no transactional data, profit statements, or an established business FICO score. Not meeting these eligibility criteria doesn’t mean that your business is not successful, but how do you convince banks to sign off on the risk presented by your lack of documentation? Well, you can’t!  This means that looking for money in the usual, traditional sources will be a waste of time and effort for new business owners.

Alternative lending companies are a better bet! Financing companies like Mantis Funding (which operates out of New York) are a haven for small business owners looking for liquidity to run and grow their companies. These alt-lenders offer the best solution to the capital crunch faced by new businesses.  Here’s why – 

1. Credit scores aren’t the only factor for approval

For new businesses – and also for many older established companies – the biggest hurdle for accessing funding from banks or credit unions is their less-than-pristine credit scores. A poor FICO score disqualifies them instantly. Alternative online lenders don't base their decision-making process ONLY on credit scores – it is just one of the many factors considered, which makes it easier for new businesses to qualify for funding.

For example, alt-lender Mantis Funding reviews several data points such as business revenue, personal and business transactional data, and more while processing applications.

2. Larger amounts are available through alt-lenders

If new businesses need substantial amounts, then alternative lenders are the ones they should approach. Banks might oblige with a small sum, but if a new business needs a more substantial amount, it is highly unlikely to qualify for the whole outlay.

3. There are many types of financing offers to choose from

For a fresh business, juggling challenges in different areas, flexibility is vital. With an alt-lender, they will find a wide variety of financing offers to match their situation. For example, online lenders like Mantis Funding offers start-ups options such as a business line of credit, small merchant cash advances, invoice factoring, and more – each with different repayment terms.

4. They are FAST

While not every business owner is looking for fast funding, it is certainly an added benefit! Knowing the status of your application enables entrepreneurs to plan appropriately, and this can be especially vital for new businesses, which are already dealing with uncertainty on so many sides. Top alt-lenders like Mantis Funding review, negotiate and transfer money in 1-3 business days. In urgent cases, they can even manage the whole process in 24 hours.

5.  Alt-lenders offer competitive rates

With lots of negotiating room, business owners can be sure of finding the best rates in the industry with alternative financing institutions. While their base offers are competitive to start with, they do adjust the rates to suit business requirements.

Things are tough enough for new businesses, why add financing woes to the mix? A new venture is usually in a state of flux for at least the first year or so, and alternative lenders allow entrepreneurs lots of flexibility to go with the flow.

From keeping the operations ticking while revenue kicks into unlocking new areas of expansion – at every step of their operations, access to cash can help entrepreneurs concentrate on running their business and stop worrying about finding funds.

Friday, 15 November 2019

How Technology and Ecommerce Are Changing The Face Of Small Businesses

Like everything else, the face is always changing too. External factors such as public policies, marketing, technology and funding from companies like Mantis funding can influence and affect business operations.

Personalized Marketing and E-commerce

The customer is now at the center of most businesses and more and more businesses are thinking of innovative and engaging ways to attract the customer. Different marketing campaigns are customized keeping in mind the target audience. Companies create campaigns that target an individual and their past purchasing history to get more sales. 

This mass personalization keeps the customer loyal and develops a relationship with the business. Thanks to social media, influencer marketing, comments, reviews, and testimonials play a huge part in building up a business or bringing it down. Mantis funding in New York is always on the lookout for small businesses that give the customer online convenience with an offline experience.

Business collaboration and Payment Tracking

Financial institutions, banks, and insurance companies are more open to collaborations and partnerships with small businesses. These partnerships enable companies that share a common market, target audience or goals to work together for mutual benefit. Financial institutions like Mantis funding customer service, are also willing to pitch in with ideas, suggestions, and plans that will help in weaker areas.

The rise of technology has also made tracking payments through a bank account an extremely simple process. Payment links can be sent to the customer by WhatsApp, email or a message. The transaction processes also support common methods of payment such as NEFT, Credit cards, and net banking.

Simpler Online Lending 

While funding is necessary, obtaining one can be quite cumbersome, involving a lot of paperwork. It is one of the main challenges that is faced by small businesses. New lending services have tried to solve most of these problems by going online and simplifying the entire process. Funding can be approved in a matter of days even with a low credit score.

The limit of the cash advance amount and the payback schedule will be customized according to the customers’ earnings and past transactions. Professional lenders such as Mantis funding also deal with complaints, through an online system, in a prompt and personalized manner.

Online lending services can be accessed from any device and from anywhere, making it both convenient and simple. Traditional lending organizations are also finding their way into using innovative technology to partner with small businesses.

Employee Work Options

Employee productivity can be affected by everyday issues such as bad roads and therefore providing work options can greatly change the results too. Work from home, co-working, flexibility are some game-changers that businesses are incorporating. These policies don’t just increase productivity and employee satisfaction but they also help to save on costs for the company. It also helps in lowering attrition rates and holding on to good talent.

Businesses are now looking to introduce AI to rise above the competition and bridge the various other challenges that are faced by customers.