Friday, 15 November 2019

How Technology and Ecommerce Are Changing The Face Of Small Businesses

Like everything else, the face is always changing too. External factors such as public policies, marketing, technology and funding from companies like Mantis funding can influence and affect business operations.

Personalized Marketing and E-commerce

The customer is now at the center of most businesses and more and more businesses are thinking of innovative and engaging ways to attract the customer. Different marketing campaigns are customized keeping in mind the target audience. Companies create campaigns that target an individual and their past purchasing history to get more sales. 

This mass personalization keeps the customer loyal and develops a relationship with the business. Thanks to social media, influencer marketing, comments, reviews, and testimonials play a huge part in building up a business or bringing it down. Mantis funding in New York is always on the lookout for small businesses that give the customer online convenience with an offline experience.

Business collaboration and Payment Tracking

Financial institutions, banks, and insurance companies are more open to collaborations and partnerships with small businesses. These partnerships enable companies that share a common market, target audience or goals to work together for mutual benefit. Financial institutions like Mantis funding customer service, are also willing to pitch in with ideas, suggestions, and plans that will help in weaker areas.

The rise of technology has also made tracking payments through a bank account an extremely simple process. Payment links can be sent to the customer by WhatsApp, email or a message. The transaction processes also support common methods of payment such as NEFT, Credit cards, and net banking.

Simpler Online Lending 

While funding is necessary, obtaining one can be quite cumbersome, involving a lot of paperwork. It is one of the main challenges that is faced by small businesses. New lending services have tried to solve most of these problems by going online and simplifying the entire process. Funding can be approved in a matter of days even with a low credit score.

The limit of the cash advance amount and the payback schedule will be customized according to the customers’ earnings and past transactions. Professional lenders such as Mantis funding also deal with complaints, through an online system, in a prompt and personalized manner.

Online lending services can be accessed from any device and from anywhere, making it both convenient and simple. Traditional lending organizations are also finding their way into using innovative technology to partner with small businesses.

Employee Work Options

Employee productivity can be affected by everyday issues such as bad roads and therefore providing work options can greatly change the results too. Work from home, co-working, flexibility are some game-changers that businesses are incorporating. These policies don’t just increase productivity and employee satisfaction but they also help to save on costs for the company. It also helps in lowering attrition rates and holding on to good talent.

Businesses are now looking to introduce AI to rise above the competition and bridge the various other challenges that are faced by customers.

Monday, 4 November 2019

Are Cash Advance Solutions Appropriate For Beauty Salons?

Any beauty salon owner will tell you that running the business comes with constant financial challenges along the way. Like other small business owners, salon owners find it difficult to source business financing from traditional money lenders. For beauty salons and other small businesses, cash advances from reliable companies such as Mantis Funding are becoming an increasingly popular alternative source of financing.

Need for Working Capital

There is cut-throat competition in the beauty salon industry. Salons need to be up-to-date with the latest beauty trends and adopt the latest innovations to stay ahead of the curve. At the same time, they need to have enough stocks of beauty products as well as trained staff to provide exemplary customer service. Nowadays, salons are also selling beauty products as a way to augment income from salon or spa services. All this requires a smooth flow of working capital funds.

Problem with Banks

Banks and other conventional money lenders often turn down business funding requests by small business owners for various reasons including poor personal credit score. They also take a long time to sanction the same. So who does a beauty salon owner turn to for quick and hassle-free working capital funding?

The answer could possibly lie in merchant cash advance, an attractive solution for businesses that witness a steady stream of business and sales. Beauty salons definitely qualify for a cash advance based on these two criteria.

Approvals Based on Business Sales

Mantis Funding is a company that specializes in sourcing merchant cash advance for all types of small businesses, including beauty salons and spas. For cash advances, approval depends on proof of consistent past and present sales, not your credit score.

If you’re an established business and have been operating for at least a few months, you could get funding within a few days. In return, you agree to pay back a percentage from future receivables. Here too there’s flexibility because repayments are designed to mirror revenue flow.

Understand What You’re Getting Into

The professional staff at Mantis Funding reviews each application carefully and if it deems the client to qualify, provides the client with an appropriate funding option. The company puts forth the funding proposal which a client should review before agreeing to it.

One thing to remember is that cash advance is a type of business financing which is quite different from that obtained from a bank. The costs and repayment structure of cash advances are different from banks too. Contracts often contain unfamiliar terms, so it’s important to educate yourself before making a commitment.

Research Service Provider

Once you agree to the terms of the cash advance contract, advanced funds are quickly transferred into your business bank account. Another thing to remember is that the cash advance industry is not controlled by federal regulations. There are a number of service providers who try to cheat desperate clients. The good news is that online Mantis Funding reviews are largely favorable, so you can feel reassured while partnering with this company.

Don’t let lack of working capital funding hold you back from owning a successful beauty salon business. Apply for a cash advance and get the financing you need to grow!

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Capital Funds- A Necessity

Every business that sells a product must have a supplier for that product. A contract with a supplier indicates the terms that the parties have mutually agreed upon. The contract could be for regular deliveries of a specific amount of product or it could be an on-demand situation where the client orders the product as the need arises. Regardless of the arrangement, the business has made a need for a supplier.

One of the worst things that could happen, particularly for a new small business, is to lose a supplier. In such a situation, the need of the hour is to find another supplier, and it is not necessary that the new supplier would agree to the same price as the previous one. The business might, therefore, need a small funding inflow to replenish the inventory quickly and this is where Mantis funding cash advances come into the picture.

Why Are Banks Not A Viable Option?

The banks don’t provide money to just anyone and have strict requirements for approval. They also do not generally sanction small funding requirements and question why the business hadn’t set aside funds for this type of situation. In other words, the requirement of the business might not be met with and the funding request may simply be turned down.

Why Is Capital Funding Preferred?

The problem is that small businesses don’t have the luxury of time- if the cash flow needs aren’t immediately met with, the business will be in jeopardy. This is where capital funding companies providing Mantis funding cash advances come in.

They deal only with micro or small businesses and understand the challenges that these businesses face. When a business contacts them for a cash advance, they get to work immediately. Any grievance that might arise may be solved through the Mantis funding complaints service.

How Does Mantis funding Work?

Mantis funding cash advances are based on the business itself and not the credit score. They look at the revenue stream, the product, and the customer base. This is to ensure that the business model is viable and that it can handle the revenue advanced responsibly. In case the cash request is rejected, the client can clarify the reasons for the same by approaching the Mantis funding complaints department. If the business is deemed a good risk, discussions are initiated to determine payment terms that the business can meet.

They also offer flexible repayment plans that can be handled in different ways. Once the repayment terms are agreed upon and the contract is signed, the funds are instantly transferred. Quick research regarding Mantis funding cash advance will help the borrower figure out the specifics of the fund transfer and the company they would like to approach. For example, by looking up Mantis funding complaints, the clients can see how a capital funding company has worked with people in the past when a problem arose.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Stability In Financial Fluctuations

Business fluctuations might cause financial instability. Mantis funding cash advance is one of the best ways that a small business can get the funds they need to weather the hard times. Capital funding companies provide small businesses with immediate cash that they need to make it through hard times.

The best part about these funding companies is that the potential borrower is not required to own a business that has been in existence for years. The cash advance, once approved, is generally transferred within a week as opposed to the cumbersome procedures involved in traditional financing institutions.

Moreover, the services offered are tailor-made to ensure approachability. The Mantis funding complaints platform, for instance, enables potential borrowers to have their queries and grievances with respect to the funding answered by professionals.

What Are The Criteria?

For Mantis funding cash advance, the company first reviews the revenue stream of the business. They look to see whether the fluctuations are at a reasonable rate, what the revenue influx is, the customer base and how the revenue is reinvested into the business.

They will also consider why the business is in need of the cash advance. If the business has a steady customer base or an increasing customer base, along with a good business plan and a viable product, the business is considered a good risk and the cash is advanced.

Flexible Repayment Options

Once the business is deemed eligible for Mantis funding cash advance, the next step is to work out repayment options that are flexible and won’t hit the business too hard. The general method of repayment that is preferred is the split percentage system where a percentage of the sales is diverted from the source towards repayment. The repayment options are based on mutually agreed terms and any grievance that the borrower might be faced with can readily be taken up through Mantis funding complaints.

Hope For Micro/Small Businesses

Variations in business cannot be avoided and well-established businesses are generally equipped with the cash reserve to handle financial instability. However, this is not so for micro or small businesses, particularly if they are just starting up. They don’t have the luxury of a working capital reserve and as they are not well established and their cash needs are smaller, their funding requests are often turned down by traditional financial institutions.

But now, with Mantis funding cash advance micro or small businesses have hope. They don’t have to close their doors simply because they need a few thousand dollars to replace their inventory or wait out the construction in their area. Micro and small businesses can reach out to capital funding companies to meet their immediate cash requirements.

They can always look up the Mantis funding complaints that a company has addressed in order to assess the quality of their customer service. Such examination of the Mantis funding complaints also plays a pivotal role in helping the potential borrower decide whether they want to be involved with the company or not.

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Merchant Cash Advances Helping Small Businesses Thrive

Merchant cash advances by companies such as Mantis Funding help small businesses to expand, stabilize, and thrive. It is especially useful for business owners who are low on working capital and need financial help in times of emergencies. Business finance lenders sometimes even make the money available on the same day which can be the difference between survival and closure for some companies.

These lenders are often the only source of credit for companies who are new and for those who have not built up a credit history. A business will qualify for merchant cash advances if they have a great business expansion plan that is unbeatable.

The money lent is for the short term and a percentage is cut from each transaction. The greater the number of transactions in your business enterprise, the quicker your ability to pay back the cash advance.

How Will You Qualify For Merchant Cash Advances

The cash advances taken from lenders such as Mantis Funding is used to pursue growth opportunities or to increase inventory and staff. Companies who experience seasonal spikes in their volume of business also can do well with merchant cash advances. The advance can be paid back through the increased volume of sales during the holiday or festive season.

Businesses that have a steady influx of customers who pay through credit cards do well with cash advances. It is also important to note that these lenders are not under any government regulation and so you must choose to take advances only from lenders with integrity.

The contract should be clear and above board and the borrower must clearly understand what he is agreeing to. They also must clearly be told of all the additional fees they will be paying when they take the merchant cash advance.

Easy Funding With Merchant Cash Advances

The application process is straightforward when you take merchant cash advances from business finance lenders such as Mantis Funding in West Palm Beach. You can apply online too with bank and credit card processing statements uploaded with the application.

The rate of approvals is high and the money is transferred quickly which makes this form of credit very useful for small and medium business enterprises that need money urgently. 

They also offer flexible payment solutions which makes it ideal for borrowers who have slow seasons when their sales are not great and they cannot make the regular payments. The borrowing limits are also flexible depending on the transaction statements of the business enterprise.

Informed Decisions About Merchant Cash Advances

There are many lenders out in the market offering merchant cash advances to those who need it.  If your business works all through the year and you have proof that you can pay back the advance, you are eligible for a merchant cash advance. 

The decision to take the advance must be an informed decision as it is a major financial commitment.  Reviews and testimonials must be taken from reliable websites as well as from the people personally if required. The cost and term rate of different lenders can be compared so you can choose one that is most beneficial for you.

You can make inquiries about their business team, their capabilities, and experience so that you know exactly who you are dealing with.  It is important to speak to them personally and ask as many questions as needed so you understand how professional they are.  Lenders such as Mantis Funding in West Palm Beach who make strategic partnerships with their clients are more likely to be trustworthy.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Working Capital Helping To Meet Daily Payment Obligations Of Business Organizations

Working capital, which is the difference between the assets and liabilities of a company, is essential to meet the short term expenses of the company. These expenses include operating expenses, inventory purchases, repayment of short term debts, and the like.

Working capital ensures that the company is able to meet all its payment and financial obligations during the short term period. It is the presence of working capital that determines the financial health of the company.

Negative working capital is not a good prognosis but neither is excessive working capital.  This implies that there is improper financial management in the company and it is not making good use of its assets to generate an income.  When the working capital corpus becomes low or negative, then they look out for companies such as Mantis Funding in West Palm Beach for a quick injection of cash into the business.

Importance Of Skillful Management Of Working Capital

The amount of working capital required by a company changes from time to time and is dependent on the demand and supply cycle. During periods of great demand, they may require additional working capital to increase their inventory or raw materials to supply orders on time. If the company has started a project and payment will be obtained only upon its completion, sufficient working capital is required to keep the company going during the project and until the payment is received.

During low demand periods, they still have expenses and payment obligations that have to be met. Therefore, skillful management of your working capital is essential for the survival of your company. It is also a tightrope walk for most managers.

The perfect working capital ratio is between 1:2 and 2 as anything less than 1 would imply a negative situation and anything over 2 would imply that there is too money in the hands of debtors and in inventory. In the case of a negative scenario, cash advances are taken from companies such as Mantis Funding.

Tips To Increase Working Capital

There are different methods by which companies can increase their working capital. They can shorten the working capital cycle and convert current assets and also liabilities into cash. This can be done by accepting credit cards and making payment easier for their clients, specifying exact payment days to buyers, rewarding or penalizing clients as per their payment patterns.

Clients can also be asked for an upfront deposit by using business software.  This will also reduce the chances of nonpayment. Crowdfunding and invoice financing are also other methods of getting short term business funding. If however, a business owner has no line of credit, then approaching business finance lenders such as Mantis Funding in West Palm Beach is also an option.

Getting Out Of Tight Corners With Merchant Cash Advances

Every business organization suffers from cash flow problems at some point or the other. Cash advances from finance lenders such as Mantis Funding help them to get out of tight situations.  Merchant cash advances are usually for a short period of time and the cost-term is decided at the time that the money is advanced. The advantage here is that there is no need for collateral and no checking of credit scores.

The money is advanced against future sales of the company. The agreed-upon percentage is deducted during every sales transaction until the contracted amount is covered. Documentation and paperwork are minimal. Once the offer is made and accepted, the cash transfer takes place very quickly. This quick transfer is especially important for businesses that need a prompt injection of cash to meet urgent needs speedily.

Monday, 26 August 2019

Top Reasons To Look For Merchant Cash Advance | Mantis Funding LLC

Working capital is one of the key aspects to manage a smooth business flow that’s targeted to attract more customers, bring in higher profit margins and ensure the overall brand value. The need to access quick working capital is something that all businesses have, regardless of their sizes.

The importance of credit card sales
Since shopping and purchases using debit or credit card swipes are more common than using cash in the present day, lenders like Mantis Funding can use the same information to offer a merchant cash advance to small scale business.

Both business owners, as well as lenders, are waking up to the fact that the information sourced from point card sales can be used to create a cash advance agreement that’s convenient for both the lender as well as the buyer. The cash flow depicted from the credit card sales can be used to create the terms of merchant cash advance as well as its repayment modes.

What are merchant cash advances?
Merchant cash advances are specifically designed for small and medium business owners who often face business roadblocks that call for quick and easy access to cash.

Choosing conventional lenders like banks is often not a possibility. This is largely due to their complicated and time-taking application process and strict approval policies. This is when small and medium scale business owners look for tailor-made financial solutions that offer instant cash advances with easy repayment options. Various capital funding companies like Mantis Funding do just that.

Unlike banking institutions, they do not review the credit score or the bank balance sheets of the borrower company. Instead, merchant cash advance lender companies like Mantis Funding reviews the monthly as well as annual revenue streams of the company and try to understand their overall business plan. Other factors like seasonal variations in business sales, the overall demand for the product are also checked before offering a cash advance.

Top reasons to go for them
So why should small and medium scale enterprises consider capital funding companies like Mantis Funding? Here are some quick reasons for the same.

1.The flexibility of choosing the amount of capital: the cash advance range offered by capital funding companies comes with a broad range that is largely based on the monthly card sales of a business.

2.Flexible tenures: Unlike cash advances provided by banks, there is no fixed date for repayment of the cash advances. Borrowers can choose a flexible repayment plan that suits their sales model. This is particularly suitable for seasonal businesses that have variations in sales figures.

3.Easy application process: The traditional laborious paperwork oriented processes of bank cash advances are no longer needed with capital funding companies. With easy to fill in online applications, anyone can access the same.  Additionally, the overall review process is quick which enables business owners to meet the sudden and unexpected business expenses as instantly as they want.

4.Uncomplicated criteria: The requirements are simple with simple qualifying criteria like one-year operational history, a minimum card volume, a small number of minimum settlements per month, etc.  Most leading merchant cash advance lenders like Mantis Funding review the basic criteria and work to transfer the needful cash to the borrower’s account within a matter of a couple of days.